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Ride 2 Getha

Paxquiao Ft. Derez Deshon Ride 2 Getha Produced by Ice Starr Directed by Dontell Antonio  Download here - https://song.link/i/1439492138  Instagram: @Paxquiao @DerezDeshon Twitter: Paxquiao700

#ride2getha out now

Bo Gone Go Listening Teaser

You Know Crunk Music When You Hear It

Retro Nine 1 Deluxe

Representing Hip-Hop to his core, Retro is living his music. He is letting the fans know that Hip Hop as a whole is deeper than just pressing “record.” He ensures to be the best Retro he can be and let it be known that he is him and no one will ever compare.

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TDade Music

As a songwriter & developing producer, T.Dade has many goals for her music and shows; aiming to raise your vibration by delivering a positively pure, sonic experience that speaks to the soul.

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Independent And Paid

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Philly Phill Mane It's Real Outcher

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