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The Scavenger Hunt Showcase Tour

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The Tour wil launch in 2019. We are currently accepting music and visual artist for show bookings. We are looking for musicians, artist, promotors, photographers, and videographers. To submit content, resumes or audition videos; email: everythingcrunk@gmail.com

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Ride 2 Getha

Paxquiao Ft. Derez Deshon Ride 2 Getha Produced by Ice Starr Directed by Dontell Antonio  Download here - https://song.link/i/1439492138  Instagram: @Paxquiao @DerezDeshon Twitter: Paxquiao700

#ride2getha out now

A3C Day Dreams

Music By Damar Jackson; Retawded ft. Gucci Maine 🗣👀💯🔥 #CrunkLive #CrunkLifestyle #CrunkAlert#EverythingCrunk  #ATL #Premiere

Dope People Meet x iSwearCartier Premiere

Special thanks @dopepeoplemeet for inviting me to their Premiere Party x @iswearcartier ! The event is for creatives to debut a new project to their peers through an exclusive red carpet affair! - 🎬🔥 A few of the special guests that showed love included: @syaridakid x @kcamp x @iamthegenius x @bobbykritical x @gambinothegoat - 🗣👀💯🔥 #CrunkLive #CrunkLifestyle #CrunkAlert#DopePeopleMeet #iSwearCartier #DNA#DopeNewArtist #ATL #MusicVideo#Premiere

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