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Music By Damar Jackson; Retawded ft. Gucci Maine 🗣👀💯🔥 #CrunkLive #CrunkLifestyle #CrunkAlert#EverythingCrunk  #ATL #Premiere

Dope People Meet x iSwearCartier Premiere

Special thanks @dopepeoplemeet for inviting me to their Premiere Party x @iswearcartier ! The event is for creatives to debut a new project to their peers through an exclusive red carpet affair! - 🎬🔥 A few of the special guests that showed love included: @syaridakid x @kcamp x @iamthegenius x @bobbykritical x @gambinothegoat - 🗣👀💯🔥 #CrunkLive #CrunkLifestyle #CrunkAlert#DopePeopleMeet #iSwearCartier #DNA#DopeNewArtist #ATL #MusicVideo#Premiere

Team Fidelis Bodybulding

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